So this one is to all of you, my not so good friends who are out there silently wishing a rock star life having all the cars, money, traveling around the world and all the free time to take vacations with your loved ones enjoying beer on a beach. You have been wishing this life for years now. And nothing seems to work out for you in spite best of your intentions and hard work. You seems to be stuck in a situation hard to solve and problems one after another keep coming back to you like an old lover and you wonder as everything and everybody out there just exists to stop you from having a life you wish for.

Well, let me tell you a brutal truth, in your face. You are not going to make it. Never. Yes. You got it right. You wont get the life you have been wishing. Ever. Not this year, not in 3 years. Never. So, you better stop trying now. Don’t waste your time. Pack your bags. Go back. And since I like you reluctantly, I am spending my precious time to write this for you to take a cue and be saved. So don’t think I hate you or something. But I do feel pity on you.

Hate me for harsh words? For hurting your sentiments? For not respecting your hard work? Well….I am not sorry! And I really dont care.

Wanna know the reason? Here it is. Read on.

The reason is simple. If for a second, even for a fraction you saw yourself in above situation, it tells me you see problems out there ‘somewhere’. Meaning for you to be successful, the ‘world’ needs to change. Your friend, your family, your team, your watchman, your dog everybody and everything, but YOU, needs a change. Then you would make it. And that is NEVER going to happen. At least you can’t do a shit about that. And the problem is that you have a very limited time here. So while you spend your precious time, energy and probably money in fixing these “out of your control” elements and keep crying over it, you are getting old enough to lose all your opportunities and some day very soon will die for sure.

Unless you are absolutely shit deaf about the end result and not thinking about how the hustle ends, you will always think about the risk and returns of your decision to get into the business, the “logic” of it. For the success to be yours, you have to absolutely, like 100%, enjoying the process of doing it.

Like sex, you screw it if you keep thinking about how it ends.

Then you are not doing what it takes and always rationalising your actions.

I do not complain. Never. Not for a second. For me the end doesn’t matter. The mere fact that I am doing what love to do is the very success in itself. The life I have is the one I chose and I am happy for that. I get to do every day what I love the most. Trying. I just love that. And the only reason I get to do that is because there are enough problems out there to be solved. So I thank problems for allowing me to fix them one by one and have fun doing that.

For most of us the journey is a means to reach a destination.

For me “journey is the reward”.

The only true destination is death and some get there fast, some late.

I know you are itching to disagree. Lets bring it out in open buddy! Lets talk. Comment below. Maybe you can enlighten me. Or may be not (very likely). 

And if something resonated in you, share that too. Comment below. It would be interesting to see I am not the only crazy person out there.

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