100 Days Business Mentorship Program

Move from Hustling and Struggling Alone to Create a Business that Generates Income Consistently and Grows Independently.


Sam is a serial entrepreneur and an early-stage investor. 
For the past 20+ years, he has been building multiple businesses across Europe, USA & India. He has bootstrapped 9+ Businesses, Generated Over $20 Million in Sales and Hired 10K+ employees.
He is widely followed by 300k+ business owners, entrepreneurs and young leaders across the globe.

Sam Launched and Grew a Business during the pandemic with 90% Remote Team!

Sam Grew His Team From Scratch During The Pandemic

Sam's Content that Delivered 50+ Million views..

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Followed By 3,00,000+ Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

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His Company Generated $50+ Million Worth of Inbound B2B Leads for Clients

From Hottest Brands Like:

🔥 10,000+ Hot Inbound Leads Generated That Convert 🔥

Sam Delivering Business and Mentorship Sessions.

Curious If This Program Is For You?

Don’t Worry. You are on the Right Path.

Small Business Owners

💥 Who are not sure how to build a serious profit generating business digitally.

✅ Know the exact steps to scale your existing business through bootstrapping!

Coaches and Consultants

💥 Who find it hard to build trust and increase your customer base.

✅ This workshop will teach you hidden secrets to attract the Target Audience.

Freelancers & Solopreneurs

💥 Trying to get more leads organically, but failing to do so?

✅ You will be able to generate more than 70% of your Business digitally.

This Program Is Definitely For You! If

  • You're Struggling to Scale Your Business

  • Your business is highly dependent on you

  • You're doing the work your team is supposed to do

  • You're not able to generate regular flow of income in your business

  • You've a team, still you're self-employed

  • You understand the importance of systems in business but aren't able to implement

  • You pay your employees' salary, but you're not able to pay yourself consistently

How Does This Program Works?

Recorded Videos

1 video every alternative day to watch and perform the task at your convenience

Done For You

Our team will Build strategy & action plan for your business to implement

Live Sessions

3 Doubt-clearing LIVE sessions regarding implementation of the strategy.

Execution Support

For next 80 Days, You get support from our team for the execution of what you learn in the program


Learn how Sam was able to achieve all of the things mentioned above in just 2 years….

500+ minutes of Training from Sam Baisla

💥Recorded Sessions to Teach you the advanced level     tactics of growing Business.

 Save time and focus on scaling your business.

 Increase Revenue by 2x.


3 Exclusive Live Webinars

💥LIVE QnA Sessions with Sam Baisla

Learn to formulate dynamic business strategies.

5+ Advanced Sales Navigator Lead Generation Methods

💥Sales Navigator to Generate Leads consistently.

Acquire High Quality & Consistent Leads by automating the workflow.

5 Step Method to Convert Your Visitor Into Customers

💥 Increase profits by understanding customer’s interests and making related Sales Funnel.

Acquire and Retain customers as your business grows.


LinkedIn Marketing Fundamentals

💥 Hidden Secrets and Dynamic LinkedIn algorithm, Customer’s Behavior & more.

✅ Build Brand Awareness and Generate High Quality Leads.

Tools & Strategies to Bootstrap Your Business

💥Help in setting up a Growth Stack Strategy & Strong Marketing plan.

✅ Use Tools to set up Growth Strategies.

Lead Nurturing & Cultivating Relationship

💥 Engaging and Tracking Visitors touchpoints.

✅ Easy to Grow, Manage Sales and Nurture Relationships


Generate Leads Through Website

💥 Increase Revenue organically with website growth tactics.

✅ Don’t get Fooled by purchasing leads, rather generate them organically.


You can’t do everything on your own. Let experts do them for you…

90 Days Content Calendar with Strategy

💥 Not Just Content Strategy. Get a Personalised 90-Days Content Calendar For Your Business.

Engagement Templates for Network Growth

💥 A personalised draft to send to your potential customers for Lead Generation, Lead Nurturing and Network Growth.

3 Page Custom-Built Business & Marketing Strategy Document

💥 You’ve tried creating strategies for your business but it wasn’t effective.

Get your 3-Pager Business & Marketing Strategy Built by our team of experts with an executable Action plan.

Advanced LinkedIn Profile Makeover

💥 You know the importance of having a LinkedIn Profile already but stuggle to create & optimize it. 

Get your LinkedIn Profile Built from our team of experts; Optimized for more reach, and building credibility.

Email Templates for Lead Nurturing

💥 Email Drafts to send out to your connections to generate leads & build relationships with them.

Marketing Strategy Effectiveness Tracking (MSET) System

💥 A personalized draft to send to your potential customers for Lead Generation, Lead Nurturing and Network Growth.

Business & Execution Support

Execution isn’t easy. You Face Many Challenges. But that shouldn’t be your reason to stop growing…

Personalized Coaching

💥 Identify & Discover Untapped Opportunities inside and outside your business.

✅ Build a Culture of Collective Efficiency and a Catalyst Model for Future Growth.

Real-Time Consultation

💥 Identify Problems early, Minimize the risk of taking wrong decisions at the right time.

✅ Enhanced operational efficiency and prevention of untimely loss.

Progress Reviews & Recommendations

💥 Understand where you are making mistakes in your business & what action to take to fix them.

✅ Get Feedbacks and Suggestions from Sam Baisla & his team on your activity every 15 days.

Dedicated Marketing Strategist and Advisor

💥 Facing problems in executing strategies we built for you?

Get support from our team of experts to assist you with the Marketing Strategy and Execution of the Action plan.

Advanced Product Development & Improvement Insights

💥 Gain competitive advantage by delivering new products, improving existing ones.

✅ Learn to Analyze Competition, Research Market and Retain Clients.

Proven Hacks for Customised Sales Pitch & Proposal

💥 Summarize your Value Propositions, Build Rapport and create Enticing solutions to business problems.

✅ Close sales quickly and Generating multi-fold Revenue.

🔒 Access to Closed Mastermind Group 🔒

Get X-clusive Access to the Closed Mastermind Group of Brand Samosa & Sam Baisla.  

  • 1-Year of Access to the Community.
  • Connect & Network with Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Marketing Heads, etc. 
  • Learn & Grow Together.

🎁 Bonuses 🎁 

🎁 Bonus #1: Effective & Proven Templates to Design Your Emails & Content.
🎁 Bonus #2: Exclusive Access to our Private & Closed Mastermind Group for Next 1 year.
🎁 Bonus #3: The Secret to beat your LinkedIn Search Competition in less than 60 minutes.
🎁 Bonus #4: Proven Hack to Generate Emails from LinkedIn Content.
🎁 Bonus #5: All my Brand Building Secret Tools and their hand on experience.
🎁 Bonus #6: BAB, PAS, FAB Content Framework & Formula.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I’ve tried my best to answer all frequently asked questions. For further queries, please email me at: [email protected]. Our amazing support team will reply within 6 hours. 🙂

First batch of the "100Days Business Mentorship" Program starts next week.

  • Timings Will Be Shared After Discussing With Participants  convenience. 

In the first 20 Days, where Sam will be training you on Business & Revenue Growth, You'll Get: 

  • 3 Live sessions of 90 mins each(Total- 270 mins).
  • 10 recorded sessions of 40 to 60 mins each (Total- 500 mins).

In the Business & Execution Support, You'll Get:

  • 2 LIVE Sessions each month for next 3 months i.e. Total 6 LIVE Sessions.

  • Yes! You’ll receive recordings of recorded lectures. Please note, there would be no recording of the live sessions. 
  • That's the only session where you won’t receive a recording.

  • It’s a super advanced program to Grow Your Business and not for someone who has just started their business & don't have any idea about their industry/business.
  • You will be taught crazy growth hacks, advanced automation, Strategy Formulation, Sales Navigator, and techniques like PAS, FAB, ABM etc.

  • Yes. There are 10+ Assignments for you to experience real life problems faced by big businesses.

  • No program ‘guarantees’ any income, including this. 
  • The workshop is designed for those who already have an income source, but are stuck with profits due to complex problems, need marketing support and want to scale their business.

  • Part I - 20 days.
  • Part II - 80 days.