Linkedin Mastery

Build a Successful Personal Brand and become an Influencer using Linkedin

A strong Personal Brand helps you win clients, close deals and grow your business. Grow your influence on World’s Largest Professional Network before its late.

Are you an an Entrepreneur looking for ways to find investment, grow your business or sell your product?

Are you a student trying to learn and find Job Opportunities?

Are you a Professional trying to climb up the corporate ladder and find your dream position?

Your Image Matters

The most important thing you must to do is to “Find Right People and Make Sure They Like You.” People who have positive image, are the ones who get all the leverages. They get the Jobs they want, they get the funding they want and they get the clients they want.

Why Linkedin?

Its the World’s Largest Professional Network. 41% of World’s Millionaires are here. Its growing Very Fast. New management team is adding new features to make it more engaging and effective. Building an influence here means you are with people who you will do business with.

You can build a much larger network here. 30,000 direct connection, follow anyone, personal messages to anyone; you can literally reach out to anyone you want and get connected with.

Wide organic reach for your content. Unlike other social networks, your content on Linkedin has a much wider organic reach. You can share your ideas and establish your brand without spending money.

But this may not be the case for long. It will change soon just like Facebook and Instagram. Leverage the opportunity before its too late.

You need Professional Help

Building a compelling personal brand takes experience, skills, time and money. And you wouldn’t want to take chances with your image. You can either waste your time and money trying it yourself or you can take help from somebody who has been there and done that.

About me

Sam Baisla

Founder & CEO @ NEXEL World & eAdvertz LLC | Chief Strategist @ Promising Indians Society

I am a Serial Entrepreneur with 16+ years of experience in Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Communication & Sales. Built successful businesses with clients from India, Europe & America. Trained 100K+ professionals on Sales, Branding, Leadership & Communication. The 2 companies I built from scratch between 2011-2015 were doing EUR 1 million annual sales.

I’ve spend my entire career “making things sellable”. Be it a product, an Idea or a brand.

I build my Linkedin Profile from nothing to 30K+ connections without spending even a penny. Added 20K+ connections in less than 3 months. This earned me respect and partnerships that helped me grow my businesses.

Doing this I experimented and learned a lot. And now I want to share that with you.


I am going to personally help you build your Personal Brand on Linkedin. Here is all that is included.


Understanding your Goals & Challenges

I will help you understand and define your Goals and Challenges you’ve been facing. A strategy will be designed accordingly, so that you meet your goals fastest and more effectively.


Creating a Powerful & Engaging Linkedin Profile for you

Your Linkedin Profile is the most important part of your Brand. It is what the world knows and believes about you. Each field is important. I will build your entire profile so that you are found by your target audience for the right keywords. Not only that, they take action to follow and do business with you.

Regular improvements and updations as you grow

Your profile needs regular attention and adjustments as you grow. I will review it from time to time and make/suggest changes. Incorporating new keywords, achievements and objectives as you grow your influence.


Free Coaching Sessions to help Grow your Personal Brand

You will get free regular coaching sessions on various aspects of Personal Branding, Networking and Linkedin in particular. These are the lessons I learned during my 16 years of professional career. And I am giving it all free.


I want to personally help you. But can only take a limited number of people in. Registration is strictly first come first serve basis.

  • Goals & Objectives setting for your Personal Branding.
  • Keyword research to keep your profile relevant.
  • Building a Compelling Linkedin Profile.
  • Regular Improvements and Updations.
  • Free Online Coaching Sessions.