Road to Bharat

Making Bharat the Vishwa Guru again

300+ million young Indians armed with technology, courage & vision, have a historic opportunity today to come forward and lead the world. We are a 5000 years old civilization that endured 100s of invasions, yet never raged a war against any. 100s of different political entities with millions of people, who looked different, spoke different languages, believed in different gods and followed different customs, yet it was called one Nation. Home to 100s of higher education institutions & great wealth, India was called “Vishwa Guru” and “Sone ki Chidiya”.


Lets make India Vishwa Guru again. Here is what is needed.


Step 1: Build a Strong Foundation:

Know your roots, values and strengths. Know who you are, where you come from and be proud of that.

Step 2: Build Entrepreneurship:

Learn skills to solve significant problems and build innovative solutions using your talents & technology. Create and share wealth.

Step 3: Build Leadership:

Challenge the status quo and inspire others. Transfer your legacy to next generations.

The Journey

On January 12th, 2018 a journey of a lifetime will begin – a journey to find the soul of this great nation, a journey to interact and engage with millions of young Indians, a journey to spread ancient values and hope to build a better world.

This is a land of reformers and seekers, seekers of truth and freedom. Mahatma Buddha and Swami Vivekananda are such great souls India has gifted to the world. During the journey, we will be spreading their message.

During this journey, we will be visiting 30+ spiritual & cultural centers, visiting 100+ schools and colleges addressing 10,000+ students, engaging with 1000+ teachers, educators, parents and policy makers.

Entire journey amounting to 20,000+ kilometers will be covered on road via car going through the streets, villages, towns & cities of this great nation. Social Media spread will be continuous before and during the journey to maximize the reach and impact of the message.

How can you help?

  1. You can help us by sponsoring our travel, food & stay.
  2. You can help us by using your networking skills to connect us with right stakeholders (Policy makers/politicians, educators, spiritual leaders etc.)
  3. You can help us by spreading the message to your friends using phone, message and social media.
  4. You can help us by contributing your skills of content creation (video editing, blogging etc.)

Join Now and Support the MISSION

Phase I – 5,000 Kms


Delhi – 12th Jan, 2018

|| -> Lucknow – Uttar Pradesh ||-> Kushinagar – Uttar Pradesh ||-> Varanasi – Uttar Pradesh ||-> Gaya – Bihar ||-> Nalanda – Bihar ||-> Kolkata – West Bengal ||-> Puri – Orissa ||-> Konark – Orissa ||-> Khajuraho – Madhya Pradesh ||-> Ujjain – Madhya Pradesh ||-> Ajmer – Rajasthan ||->

Delhi – 3rd Feb, 2018