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With 500 million users and growing, LinkedIn is the home to professionals from across the world. Build your network with right people to learn and grow your personal brand. Let me and my team handle your LinkedIn presence and see it grow.

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About Sam Baisla

About Sam Baisla

Sam is a serial Entrepreneur, Author and Traveller. He has been helping Entrepreneurs, Small Businesses and Startups across India, Europe and USA in their Leadership Strategies and Sales Operations for 16+ years. He has trained and inspired 100,000+ Young Leaders and Entrepreneurs in Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Sales, Branding and Communication. Between 2011 - 2015 Sam built two International Tele-Sales organisations from scratch and grew to 300+ employees generating € 2 million annual sales. In 2018 Sam initiated “Road to Bharat”, a road trip across India to inspire youth to become Entrepreneurs and Leaders, where he travelled across small cities and towns engaging and inspiring youth to follow their passions and become Next Generation Entrepreneurs and Leaders.

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